Il Vento Disperderà la Schiuma

Fabio Orsi


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Label: Boring Machines | BM092

Country: Italy

Year: 2019

Format: - Album
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Boring Machine released the first work by Fabio Orsi after his move from native Puglia to Berlin many years ago. The record was the obsessive “Wo Ist Behle?” which reflected the heavy mark on Orsi who has been stricken and enthused by the psychedelic feeling of the long Berlin winter. Covered in snow, the most remote places of the city have the same hazy feeling of the hot summer days in Salento but the glacial weather gives a different perspective and transforms the atmosphere perception. Then we released his photographic box “Postcards from Russia”, where again the clash between extreme temperatures and lifestyles was reflected in the images and the music. ‘Il Vento Disperderà la Schiuma’ is the last set of recordings born in Berlin before Orsi’s return to his hometown in Puglia. This document reverses the feelings of the first impact with the cold north and marks a departure from it towards warmer reflections.

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