Adamennon & Luciano Lamanna


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Label: Souterraine.org | SOU01

Country: Italy

Year: 2017

Format: - Mini-Album
Genre: , , , ,

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Iris is a nightmare, inspired by the vision of Dario Argento’s “Suspiria”… or perhaps a dark soundtrack for a movie that only exists in the mind of a visionary. Iris marks the first release on souterraine.org, created and managed by music journalist Marco Ferretti, who is also about to publish his first book which profiles Italian composer Ennio Morricone. Luciano Lamanna and Adamennon are two eclectic musicians who need no introduction, a duo known for embracing improvisation and experimentation in their art. Here, they pay tribute to Italian genre movies, where scores are an indispensable element used to seduce viewers. Goblin’s influence is easily found here: music is used to accentuate swirling cinematic motion, and the notes of vintage keyboards and synthesizers resound among labyrinthine woods and Gothic buildings. An ideal soundtrack which spins suspense, obsessive psychotic rhythms, loss of sleep, and sensory disturbance all into a singular journey without borders. Iris constructs tunes emotionally condensed and fragmented in turn; catchy, repetitive, yet always brilliant. Iris will take you one step from the abyss.

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