Water Messages On Desert Sand

Roberto Musci / Giovanni Venosta

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Label: ReR Megacorp | ReR VRRC28

Country: UK

Year: 2018

Format: - Album
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The extraordinary 1987 debut album from the Italian legendary duo. Water Messages on Desert Sand was the very first sound creation from the Italian avant-garde duo of Roberto Musci and Giovanni Venosta. A classic work in the genre, released by Chris Cutler’s Recommended Records in 1987.

Back in the mid-Eighties, Musci & Venosta, both on a sampler, synthesizer, guitar, piano, effects and tapes were masters in overlaying and constructing rhythmic and harmonic pictures of transparent sound from electronic, acoustic and documentary source, taking ethnic field recordings (from Africa, Indonesia, Asia, India) as their thematic center. “Water Messages” finds place In the realm of Brian Eno-Byrne “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts” but far more accomplished and developed. A rich moving and still very stimulating work and an essential purchase for anyone interested in adventurous modern art informed by ethnic music and sound explorations.

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