Visions Of The Age To Come

In Zaire

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Label: Sound Of Cobra | SOC021

Country: Germany

Year: 2017

Format: - Album
Genre: ,

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In Zaire is closing the chapter opened in 2013 with their critically acclaimed debut full-length „White Sun Black Sun“. Packing eight tracks of sprawling all-ends-open psych workouts with a definite rock edge to them, their visions have sharpened to a determined longing into the unknown that is most aware of the preceding waypoints the band has traveled through so far.

At the heart of it all is still the underlying hum of the universe and its infinite vibrations – this is boldly stated with „Hermes Dance“, the albums literal opening track. It functions as a foreboding vision showcasing the essentials of the band: rhythm as key to a broad palette of ever-shifting atmospheres and emotions. As soon as this new chapter is opened, we see In Zaire reaping what they’ve sown in the past with a plethora of high-energy riffs and freewheeling outbursts that communicate with each other in a way that brings the ever so apparent dichotomous dance of chaos and form, of focus and blur to the surface of things.

Where its predecessor was bred in much more blurred musical hotbeds, „Visions Of The Age To Come“ is an expressive kaleidoscope of projections (or perceptions?) coming into focus, and in doing so presenting a rich dialogue with the inner and the outer realities we all have to balance. Through the course of the record, we get confronted with sonorous entities constantly trying to work with themselves in order to transform, to find new shapes, and to eventually pinpoint the reason for their longing.
Culminating in what is arguably the records key track, „The Seven Sermons Of The Dead“ sees the band leading their newfound approach to the edge with an intense marriage of their rock roots with the outer planes they constantly flirt with – the entrancing main riff moves like a snake in a dizzying journey, which finds its destination in the closing title track.
The intensity lifts, the curtains fall, an end gives birth to a new beginning – In Zaire’s age to come is a promising one.

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