Uccideteli Tutti! Dio Riconoscerà I Suoi

Fuzz Orchestra

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Label: Woodworm | WW40LP

Country: Italy

Year: 2016

Format: - Album
Genre: , ,

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FUZZ ORCHESTRA combines heavy rock and critical analysis of contemporaneity by superimposing on the musical material, based on guitar, drums and analog noise, a narrative level built through audio samples coming mostly from Italian sociopolitical cinema of the 60s and 70s. The new album “Kill them all! God will recognize his own”, released for Woodworm, tells stories of Revelation, Judgement and Choice. A journey through various types of Apocalypse: historical and social, personal and sacred. “Kill them all! God will recognize his own” presents new alchemy at the compositional level: the sound material of the FUZZ ORCHESTRA merges with contemporary music scores composed by Maestro Enrico Gabrielli and performed by Esecutori di metallo su carta. In 1400 the inhabitants of the Earth were 500 million. By 1850 they had become twice as many: 1000 million. In 200 or 300 years we will be 10000, 20000 million; man will slaughter each other for a piece of bread and an apple. And the world will end. It is a pity because I believe in man; but he must hurry, he must hurry to be born the new man. The civilized being. Not that unfortunately intelligent beast who has broken the harmony of the world, destroyed the sacred ancient balance of Nature only to massacre everything. The new man. The civilized being. The man who knows how to find harmony within himself. This is the only hope: man in disorder.

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