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The Lost Continent

Francesco Lavagnino


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Label: Doxy Cinematic | DOC140

Country: Italy

Year: 2018

Format: - Album
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“If I talk about ‘The Lost Continent’, I talk about one of my favorites, just because it gave me the opportunity to show myself as a man and as a composer. I was gone for more than six months in Indonesia. At that time, for an Italian, going to Indonesia was like Marco Polo going to China! I found there what I expected to find: in their forests were many bamboo trees with which I created incredible sounds. The bamboo, opened in the middle and laid on the floor, made sounds in “pitch”. Using the “diapason” I made a “scale” out of it! (…) I did not have any problem with scoring this movie. I loved the Indonesian music, but I wrote music that reflected my personality. The music took ten days to write, arrange and conduct, and I am very satisfied with what I did (…).” From an interview with the Maestro Lavagnino, one of the legendary Italian score masters.

Recorded directly from the soundtrack of the Cannes and Berlin festival prize winning film ‘The Lost Continent’.

Limited to 500 copies

Brand new, never played, sealed

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