Shark (Rosso Nell’Oceano)

Fabio Frizzi

Condition (Media | Cover) : Mint (M) | Mint (M)

Label: Beat Records Company | DDJLP02 DLX

Country: Italy

Year: 2016

Format: - Album
Genre: ,

More info: Limited Edition, 180 gr.

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Directed by Lamberto Bava in 1984, ‘Shark Rosso Nell’Oceano’ marks one of two collaborations between Bava and composer Fabio Frizzi (the other being ‘Blastfighter’, released the same year). The score to this aquatic monster flick (previously only available on CD, now finally out on vinyl) is a real treat for fans of the maestro and ’80s electronic/synth sounds.

Limited to 500 copies

Brand new, never played, sealed

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