Feel Fly


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Label: New Interplanetary Melodies | NIM008

Country: Italy

Year: 2022

Format: - Mini-Album
Genre: , , ,

More info: Limited Edition, Transparent Light Green Vinyl

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The entire EP is inspired by the ancient and mysterious Etruscan culture, whose peoples inhabited the historical-geographical region of central Italy: all the tracks that compose it were in fact conceived under the cloister of MANU (National Archaeological Museum of Umbria) in Perugia. The title track, Sacrificio (A1) opens the album with an ecstatic drum break on which powerful subs stand out, catapulting you directly into the obscure rituals of the haruspices, intent on interpreting the signs of the divine, with the help of mysterious pads and shimmering synths like fires in the night. Side A continues with Hypnopedia (A2), House music characterized by pressing rhythms and sharp rides that transport us into a dreamy dimension, a nostalgic, evocative dream of worlds that now belong only to the sphere of memory. While in Aisna (A3), which closes the first side, the atmosphere changes decidedly towards the progressive house, a sound that has become topical again in recent years, after having raged in the second half of the 90s in those lands that were once called Etruria. And just as the Aisna was an early morning ritual held in a field or sacred wood, this track has all the makings of a rave at the crack of dawn. The B side starts on the same wavelength with which the first side closed, Afro Trance Amnesia (B1), in fact, it maintains that feeling with the most sweaty dancefloors thanks to its epic breaks and vaguely Trancey arrangements that rest on dragging and obsessive percussions able to smash any kind of dancefloor. With Thi Rie (B2) the groove becomes decidedly more disco thanks to a rolling bass line interspersed with powerful toms and full of suspense thanks to the skillful use of enigmatic pads. Étoile Romance (B3) is the title of the beautiful piece of Ambient that closes this first EP by Feel Fly on NIM, 6 minutes and more of dreamy arpeggios that fit perfectly into the groove of that Italian tradition of soundtracks and library music that has produced so many masterpieces.

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