Respiraré / Waterland


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One of Italy’s most revered producers on the global scene, Bottin is always ready with an invigorating palette of sounds and rhythms that stem from his endless thirst for invention. This new release continues that diverse legacy with Balearic-infused pair of Italo cuts. “Waterland,” is a buoyant disco number. Its bass ebbs and flows with wave-like consistency, polyrhythmic drums percolate beneath, creating a type of suspended animation that propels motion with a tempered energy. The slow-burning crescendo of Respirare’ begins with an airtight blend of tick-tock rhythm and minimal then the pace picks up and the synths pile on. Bottin takes the blissed-out enchantment of the Balearic and infuses it with the kinesis of Italo without the music losing its easy-breeze stride.

Hand stamped, in electric blue 12″ jacket

Brand new, never played, unsealed

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