Quality Time



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Label: Industrie Discografiche Lacerba | LACER29

Country: Italy

Year: 2021

Format: - Album
Genre: , ,

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Bottin is back with an unusual album: an instrumental album of faux “Library Music” aptly titled QUALITY TIME. Searching for a virginal sound rolling back to the zero degrees in contemporary music, Quality Time explores the sonic range of 1980s era Casiotone portable synthesizer as is, with no filters or additional timbres modifying its sound aesthetics. An exercise in composition where the reduced plasticity of sound makes us imagine music as building bricks, rather than a commentary of the times. Quality Time is Library Music made out of sheer intellectual honesty, as opposed to the anonymity of producing music as a commodity. The Casiotone alphabet allows Bottin to assemble seductive instrumental tracks marked by alpha-numeric acronyms and interspersed with sourced fragments of dialogues recalling the contemporary existential alienation and postmodern idleness.

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