Perfect Laughter

Sycamore Age


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Label: Woodworm | WW026

Country: Italy

Year: 2015

Format: - Album
Genre: ,

More info: Limited Edition, Numbered

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“Perfect Laughter” is a concept album developed around the theme of the dialogue between man and divinity, a theme that proved particularly important during the composition of the album. “Perfect Laughter”, is a journey that takes place among myths, symbols, Olympics of every time and everywhere, theoretical and theological suggestions, in which the issues addressed take on the intimate and personal dress, are barely touched and sometimes misrepresented, between questions that accumulate without the presumption nor the possibility of giving answers, simple reflections on themes so close to us all, but at the same time elusive…we simply remain ourselves, in this wandering, lost in the immensity of space and possible truths, looking for a foothold or a base to enjoy a little rest, at least until the disenchantment comes back to tear us away to hurl us again into our ridiculous torments. Perhaps the universe, as we know it, is only the result of our arbitrary interpretation of mere atomic flows, distorted and misrepresented by our senses and our limited intellect. Perhaps it is we ourselves who, laughing like madmen, are here to create ourselves, instant after instant, this impossible dream, this diorama which is our existence… unable to help but notice the nonsense which seems to distinguish the entire cosmos, in the writing of the texts, we even go so far as to hypothesize that the whole of creation is the work of a completely mad God who has generated all this in the prey of irrepressible laughter, and perhaps with the sole purpose of feeding, even more, the flame of his Trickster laughter.

Limited to 500 copies

Brand new, never played, sealed

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