Oppio Mane

Rimini Rimmers

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Label: Nufragio | FRAGIO 1

Country: Netherlands

Year: 2016

Format: - Single
Genre: , , ,

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From the darkened edges of Italo comes Rimini Rimmers. After absorbing decades of spaghetti dance this new outfit is turning ‘synthwards’ with “Oppio Mane”. Arpeggios rumble, clean snares snap, and piano keys twinkle in this lustful dancefloor love affair. Three remixes flirt with the original. First up is Chicago’s Cratebug. Djing since 1983 this veteran turns the track in on itself, building breaks and sexual tension for an atomic. Rotterdam’s answer to Fred Ventura, David Vunk, opens the flip. Accentuating those blackened angles, the Moustache man delivers a sinister side glance with his shadow interpretation. Keeping those Rimini rays streaming, Luca Dell’Orso, a resident of Nijmegen, closes. The Bordello A Parigi alumni does himself proud, embellishing those addictive hooks whilst adding some of his own trickery. Lose yourself in the sun, the martinis, and the off-white jeans of the Rimini Rimmers.

Brand new, never played, sealed

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