Milano Undiscovered – Early 80s Italo Disco & Synth Pop Experiments From Milan’s Underground

Various Artists


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Label: Spittle Records | SPITTLE118

Country: Italy

Year: 2021

Format: - Compilation
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40 years after the beginnings of the Italo disco movement ‘Milano Undiscovered’ leads us to discover the first ferments of the Milanese post-punk dance scene. In the early ’80s future producers began to veer towards a form of dance music not yet defined, what once seemed like an experimental form, today sounds like a cornerstone for future development in the club scene of key city as Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and Amsterdam. Italo disco was first mistreated, then exalted, forgotten and rediscovered a thousand times and today it is one of the most respected genres in club music. Fred Ventura, musician and producer -here curator of the compilation- has selected 11 key tracks from the local scene. Get ready for such unreleased gems -or alternate versionS- of future dance penned by Modo, Atelier Folie, Fred Ventura, La Maison, ‘Lectric Workers, Actor’s Studio, Fogli & Riva and Maurizio Marsico. Fred Ventura’s career began in 1979, first as a drummer in punk and new wave bands (An Incoherent Psyche, Le Jour Prochain), then as a singer for State Of Art, a seminal group of the Milanese scene of the early 1980s. After State Of Art he was immediately associated with the Italo disco scene with his productions and record projects. In 2008 he began collaborating with Spittle Records releasing the essential compilations ‘Milano New Wave 1980-1983’, ‘Italia New Wave’, ‘Italia Synthetica’ and ‘Milano After Punk’, as well as the fundamental collection of the State Of Art ‘Dancefloor Statements’. The songs featured on ‘Milano Undiscovered’ were produced and mixed between 1982 and 1986 in Milan, mastered and edited by guru Alden Tyrell.

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1. Modo – Carillon
2. Atelier Folie – Shangri-La (This Time…)
3. Fred Ventura – What I Always Wanted
4. Modo – No Time For No Emotion
5. La Maison – Dinamic Discolato B
1. ‘Lectric Workers – Robot Is Systematic (Early Demo)
2. Actor’s Studio – Dancing Alone (Early Demo)
3. Fogli & Riva – Toninoginger
4. Marsico – No Monsters
5. La Maison – Indelible Memories
6. Maurizio Marsico – Splatter

Comes with a hype sticker. Concept and compilation for Retroactive Products.
All songs produced and mixed 1982-1986, Milan, Italy. Taken from audio cassettes.

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