La Polizia Accusa: Il Servizio Segreto Uccide

Luciano Michelini

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Label: Digitmovies | LPDM031

Country: Italy

Year: 2020

Format: - Album
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Digitmovies releases the originally soundtrack by Luciano Michelini for the film Silent Action (aka Chopper Squad, original title La Polizia Accusa: Il Servizio Segreto Uccide). Luciano Michelini created symphonic background music that alternates romanticism with drama and mystery. The album opens with the theme of the opening credits, a dark motif produced by strings, percussion and piano which is reprised later in the film. A second recurring motif is a love theme that is introduced in a slow, romantic version with a modern arrangement that alternates with a fast, extravagant march. Initially only the mono mixed tapes were found, but further research into the RCA archives brought to light the stereophonic tape of a previously unreleased LP montage. Directed in 1975 by Sergio Martino, La Polizia Accusa: Il Servizio Segreto Uccide starred: Luc Merenda, Mel Ferrer, Tomas Milian, Delia Boccardo, Michele Gammino, Paola Tedesco, Gianfranco Barra, Carlo Alighiero, Antonio Casale, Gianni Di Benedetto, Claudio Gora, Giancarlo Badessi, Clara Colosimo, Arturo Dominici, Carlo Gaddi, Claudio Nicastro. In July, 1974, the Italian news reports the tragic deaths of a major, a colonel and a general. Commissioner Solmi investigates the apparently random accidents but focuses on the subsequent assassination of an electrical engineer who he finds out is actually a private investigator. While Judge Mannino reprimands Solmi for his methods, his journalist friend Maria helps him. He comes into contact with Captain Mario Sperlì, a secret political agent working at the Special Information Office, who shows interest in the case and admits to the existence of a failed coup against government security. The investigations, however, are stalled when the accumulation of both crimes and clues forces Mannino to side with the commissioner. Solmi discovers a map and follows his intuition which leads to the identification of a clandestine training camp and the arrest of the guilty party.

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