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Label: Unità Psicofisica | UP003

Country: Italy

Year: 2019

Format: - EP
Genre: ,

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Following the last Act “Collisioni Sonore” in which, Korridor, PRG/M, Von Grall and SHLTR contributed with their fantastic works, Unità Psicofisica has reached the milestone of one full year of life and it will be celebrated with another memorable step. “Isomorphism EP” by “r²p” marks the start of the 2nd year of the label. 2019 kicks off with their first release which draws on the majestic holistic project created from the fusion between Retina.it, Ruhig and Prg/m. It delivers two insane experimental tracks, which are the result of their extemporized jam sessions, to make everything more special “Neel” from Spazio Disponibile and “Svreca” from Semantica have offered their musical vision with two perfect techno hypnotic trips.

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