Il Nuovo Beat / Chiedimi Scusa

I Ganzi


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Label: Teen Sound Records | TEENS 051

Country: Italy

Year: 2008

Format: - Single
Genre: ,

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They have called themselves a beat band anti-matusa (the old,the squares), the 6 Ganzi make Florence become one of the beat capitals in Italy again. Italian beat has been the first large phenomenon of musical rebellion and this is exactly the mood represented by this group whose characteristic sounds are freshness and spontaneity, aspects that marked the majority of Italian beat bands in the second half of the ’60s, when playing was a symbol of both a break towards an old world and pure fun and creativity. With their song “il nuovo beat”, Ganzi want to scream that we need NOW a new beat wave that overwhelmed the stillness and repression of this society and through the easier ” Chiedimi scusa (Lui è un matusa)”, strong, effective and subtle ironic song, this band is going to lead you straight to 1967 with the enthusiasm of fighting old rules and create a new world, a rebellious world but above all a young world!

Brand new, never played, unsealed

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