Il Nuotatore

Massimo Volume

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Label: 42 Records | 42 0478

Country: Italy

Year: 2019

Format: - Album
Genre: ,

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Six years after ‘Aspettando I Barbari’, the panorama around that strange thing we call Italian music has totally changed, but Massimo Volume is still there. Different from everything else, faithful only to themselves and to that idea of uniqueness that since the beginning has marked all their steps and made every new record of theirs an intense and never repetitive experience. With ‘Il Nuotatore’, for the first time in their record history, Massimo Volume become a trio formed only by the historical nucleus of the band (Egle Sommacal, Emidio Clementi and Vittoria Burattini) and they make an album that digs right into the essence of their sound, never so deliberately bare, minimal, yet very warm and full, thanks also to the production of Giacomo Fiorenza. Everything you listen to was made with the voice, bass, drums and guitars (many guitars). There is no electronics, no synthesizers or keyboards, no tricks. Only Massimo Volume at their best and in the purest form. Pure as the water in which ‘Il Nuotatore’ (like John Cheever’s story of the same name) swims and that characterizes both conceptually and textually the entire record. An indomitable element capable of overwhelming everything it finds, but also as support that allows us to stay afloat in this very dense sea that we call life. ‘Il Nuotatore’ is a record full of stories and characters, well represented by the crowded beach portrayed on the cover by Luciano Leonotti, skillfully tampered with by Marcello Petruzzi, and showing a crowd of well-assorted loneliness. A story divided into nine tracks and that mixes autobiography with pure narration, past and present, time and space.

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