Il Corpo Che Si Rompe

Anna Funk Damage


Condition (Media | Cover) : Mint (M) | Mint (M)

Label: Osàre! Editions | OE-019

Country: Italy

Year: 2023

Format: - Album
Genre: , , ,

More info: Limited Edition

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An icy wave of distortion. Gristle and bone bass. Incantatory, bloodcurdling poetics. Anna Funk Damage returns to Osare! Editions with a full-length LP, laying down 13 occultist tracks, turbocharged by industrialism, dissolution and heartbreak. The Italian producer more than lives up to his namesake, delivering his signature, genre-destroying blend of experimental-punk-techno and steely dance floor deviance. Opening with a howl, clatter and smash, on ‘Sono Spento’, Andrea Natale takes the shape of a self-annihilating robot, his heavily pitched-down vocals laden in layers of FX. ‘Maybe I’ whirls into a slow build screech while ‘Allegri Rimpianti’ joins together organic, pummelling percussion, sharp synth chords, and jangly guitar for a nightmarish trifecta of throbbing noise. Occasionally, Natale’s presence falls away entirely, allowing for unadulterated machinic ecstasy to take over. Cogs grind on ‘Memoria, Solitudine’, a dark and lolloping track, thrumming with sinister, malicious intent, before ‘La Fine’ signs off, lurching skittishly like an anxious, artificially pumping heart. Interweaving elements of avant-garde ambient, rock, and even black metal, all rewired through a Moog DFAM and a Mother-32 interface, II Corpo Che Si Rompe is powered by unrelenting energy as Natale descends to ever more demonic, punishing depths.

Limited to 150 copies.

Brand new, never played, unsealed

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