Gli Orrori Del Castello Di Norimberga (Baron Blood)

Stelvio Cipriani

Condition (Media | Cover) : Mint (M) | Mint (M)

Label: Dagored | RED210

Country: Italy

Year: 2014

Format: - Album

More info: 2x Vinyl, Limited Edition, Remastered

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Stelvio Cipriani’s legendary “Italian version” (it was cut from the US release) soundtrack for the 1972 Mario Bava film Gli Orrori Del Castello Di Norimberga (Baron Blood) contains jazzy elements and classic sounds combined with great audio effects obtained by “torturing” guitars, drums, and the wind. Dagored presents the first release of the complete original score, exclusively remastered. Bloody red speckled vinyl version.

Limited to 500 copies

Brand new, never played, sealed

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