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Label: Spittle Records | SNG003

Country: Italy

Year: 2019

Format: - Album
Genre: , , ,

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Tiresia is a new music project by Bruno Dorella (OvO, Bachi Da Pietra, Ronin, Wolfango, Sigillum S…), and Stefano Ghittoni (The Dining Rooms, Double Beat, Outoff Body Experience, Subterranean Dining Rooms, Peter Sellers and The Hollywood Party…). Inspired by the mythological character, both male and female, fortune-teller and fugitive, that has lived multiple lives, Tiresia is also the name of one of the main character in the movie I Cannibali (1970) by director Liliana Cavani. Played by Pierre Clementi, he is a sort of mystic that speaks an obscure language trying to rise up against a killer and reactionary government. Estatico is the title of their first album, following the 2017 ultra-rare Inside / Outside tape. Originally it was meant to be a double album, following up the catatonic mood of the first cassette released by Bronson Recordings. A long work on the tracks brought the duo to switch into an “estatic” spirit, reducing the length of the pieces (“less is more”) and turning it into a regular LP. That’s because, in less than two years since they started, they have developed a unique and original style, evolving from pure ambient to something more structured, where composition matters more, and where even shorter tracks find their space in their architecture. Stefano Ghittoni’s sound is still very recognizable, with his cut & paste sampling and looping, while Bruno Dorella’s guitar moves sinuously in these textures, with both themes and abstract sounds. The result is a very cinematic record, which is still vaguely ambient, but goes very close to other, unexpected directions, like the most astral Sun Ra or My Bloody Valentine’s textures.

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