Ellipses Dans L’Harmonie (Lumi Al Buio)

Teho Teardo

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Label: Spècula | SPECULA 011

Country: Italy

Year: 2020

Format: - Album
Genre: , ,

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The album draws inspiration from musical scores contained within L’Encyclopédie by Diderot & D’Alembert, a 1751 publication collecting immense amounts of human knowledge that would go on to become the Enlightenment’s Manifesto and a key inspiration for the French Revolution. While researching L’Encyclopedie at the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan, where it is kept, Teardo was drawn to its chapter on music. “It was like playing with a ghost, with someone who was a member of a community bound here by its rules – tiny and simple examples of musical gestures devoted to a world that doesn’t exist anymore,” says Teardo. “I wasn’t interested in renewing old music; that stands on its own. But I had found an old map, and I decided to use it for an adventurous walk to places I had never been.” (the Quietus)

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