Cumbia Luciana

Paolo Petrella


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Label: La Scimmia Records | LSCM03

Country: Italy

Year: 2023

Format: - Album
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The concept behind the debut album by Neapolitan producer Paolo Petrella, (also known for Fratelli Malibu, SuperMegaFuckinMachine, and Nu Genea’s live band bass player) is both straightforward and unparalleled. It involves re-imagining Renato Carosone’s iconic hits infused with the vibrant essence of Cumbia. An original and fresh perspective of the history of Napoli, re-thinking traditions while blending cultures, like an imaginary colony of South Americans living in Napoli’s fishermen neighborhood of Santa Lucia. Cumbia Luciana sounds like the manifestation of a dream, as the poem on the liner notes recites: “It’s 3pm in the afternoon, the sea is calm and there are some clouds in the sky from time to time the sounds of mopeds can be heard in the street. A boy is in his bedroom and out of boredom keeps time by tapping his fingers on the bed frame. He leaves the house for a walk keeping the sea on his side. Rumor has it that ten days ago immigrants arrived from Peru, the boy walks and listens it’s Sunday, day of celebration, it’s 3.30pm the boy walks and listens he is interrupted by a whole new sound, never heard before from a window of a ground floor house men are playing, the boy stands under that window for a while”

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