Cold Nose (Naso Freddo)

Franco Falsini

Condition (Media | Cover) : Mint (M) | Mint (M)

Label: Polydor | 2449 012 A

Country: Italy

Year: 2019

Format: - Album
Genre: , , ,

More info: Reissue, White Vinyl

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Originally released in 1975 as a soundtrack to a little-known film, his debut solo release experimented with complex brain studies borrowed from the Bio-Electronic Meditation Society. The result is a kaleidoscopic album with touches of ambience floating in amongst organic guitar leads and rushing synthesizers. Franco Falsini is an Italian musician and producer perhaps best known for his work with his space/prog-rock group Sensations’ Fix, who released seminal albums in the 1970s. His music was primarily crafted with impressive guitar technique (proven to be way ahead of his time), various synthesizers, and unorthodox recording methods to churn out beautiful experimental psychedelic sounds. Cold Nose was his debut solo outing, originally released on Polydor in 1975 as a soundtrack to a film that has never been widely released and has only been seen by very few people. Falsini applied many experimental methods to his recording process, including a mechanism borrowed from the Bio-Electronic Meditation Society, which would monitor his brain activity in the studio. Only when his brain would produce Alpha/Theta waves would he begin to write and commit his music to tape. Composed in three suites of spiraling and kaleidoscopic proto-ambient psychedelic rock, Falsini had created a masterpiece that today stands as one of the all-time treasures of the Italian progressive music scene of the 1970s. Throughout the recording, we are treated to gentle washes of EMS and Minimoog synthesizers laced with floating guitar line melodies that break out into sky-high guitar leads. Cold Nose is a rare and gorgeous organic creation, glowing with colorful pulses and morphing algorithms.

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