Acqua Di Sale


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Label: Periodica Records | SP PRD1016

Country: Italy

Year: 2020

Format: - Mini-Album
Genre: , ,

More info: 33 ⅓ RPM, Stereo

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Could we possibly be dealing with another rarity from the eighties? No. But with another Neapolitan specialty from West Hill Studio, which also has such wonderfully eccentric projects as the Mystic Jungle Tribe and Mystic Jungle. Rosa on the other hand does synth-pop. And she sings rather enigmatically in the idiom of her city, which is difficult for outsiders to understand. Not in the electronically grounded Neomelodico style with a lot of schmaltz, as is common in Naples today, but in the cool, polished fashion of the eighties. Which is a tradition in Italy. And it is something that inclined listeners are increasingly able to agree on again. Velvety plucked funk bass, blue saxophones, cowbells and Nigel Rodgers guitars are here, that you will involuntarily grow your shoulder pads while listening. But then – visually – they probably do just as well as – acoustically – the six numbers of »Acqua di Sale«. Tastefully artificial including drum computer, at the same time without exception suitable for cocktails, music with which you can spend a very good evening, if you leave the 26 minutes playing time long enough in a continuous loop. No more and no less.

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