1984/5 Il Ladro Di Anime – Diario Segreto Contraffatto

Daniel Bacalov


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Label: Soave | SV 17/18

Country: Italy

Year: 2018

Format: - Compilation
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More info: 2x Vinyl, Limited Edition, Black Vinyl

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Daniel Bacalov is a composer of music for theater, cinema, and dance who has studied classical guitar and percussion. He composed the music of numerous theatrical performances represented in many international theatre festivals. His first two publications on Lp were Il Ladro Di Anime, presented at the Venice Biennial of 1984, and Diario Segreto. The label Soave proposes these two fundamental documents of the period reprinting them for the first time in a limited edition on double Lp. The compositions are mainly structured on ethnic percussions played in a masterly manner, combined with acoustic guitars and synths of the time, in particular the DX7 and PPG Wave. The dictated rhythm unites the show as a universal and indeterminate single body. The result is a hybrid music, folding both of their diverse sources for inspiration into a single form that stands outside of points of cultural and geographic origin. Like so much of Italian experimental music of this era, they belong to a broad quest for a new form of sonic democracy, resulting in an astounding patchwork – the music of a hypothetical lost tribe, so elegant, seductive and intoxicating that, once heard, it’s hard to imagine a world without it. Created with both Occidental and Oriental derivation instruments, the two Daniel Bacalov’s Lp are collages of references (from dub to new age and jazz) and are impossible to place.
In those years the theater in Italy broke from its usual codes, mixing “high” and “low” culture, introducing a new language and new reflections, redefining the theatrical event and the need to investigate all the territories of creativity; in this panorama, the sounds and the music assumed central importance that today remain the most concrete testimony of that extremely creative experimental period.

Limited to 400 copies.

Brand new, never played, sealed

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