Hey everybody!
This is the first post on this new blog and, to inaugurate it, I thought I’d give you some background information about me and the idea behind the shop.

My name is Tommaso and before moving to Berlin in 2015 I’ve always been pretty active in the Italian music scene: I used to organize concerts and events as a promoter and plan tours for alternative/indie bands as a booking agent. Overall, we can say that music has always been the most important thing in my life and I’ve always tried to be right at the center of it, by listening to a bunch of records, promoting bands and attending concerts. Moving from Florence to Berlin has not changed or diminished my passion and, in many ways, I honestly think this is the right city for me now. The respect and curiosity that the city and its inhabitants have for anything music-related is something I have rarely witnessed in other places. Is not a mystery then, that DJs, bands, producers, booking agencies, and labels are all fascinated and attracted by this city throughout the years.

Since I knew that I wanted to keep “doing stuff with music” I’ve tried to find my way again, starting from scratch, but I wanted it to be something different than before so, after learning German and the first experiences as a promoter and press agent, I decided to open Italo-distro in 2019. “Italo”, of course, comes from the famous musical genre in the ’80s “Italo-Disco” (mostly ruled by catchy synth themes, drum machines and bouncy hits) and “Distro” is shorter for Distribution. I sell new and 2nd hand records (mostly vinyl, but not only) that are in some ways related to Italy, which means Italian labels, bands, producers, singers, editions, and so on. The shop aims to be a place in the heart of Germany where is possible to (re)discover gems from the Italian music scene. Here you can find some of the most well know musical genres like prog-rock, ’90s house music and (of course) Italo-disco, as well as more unknown independent bands and some rarities for collectors.
The shop is only an online one for now, but I’d really like to open a small physical one in the future, with Italian craft beers, soft drinks and snacks for the taking.

Until then, if you are looking for or are interested in knowing better the sound of Italy, have a look around, this might be the right place for you! 😉

Baci e abbracci


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